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Healthy, Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Healthy, easy, delicious, simple vegetarian meals are everywhere. However, most people don't realize how easy it is to eat vegetarian and enjoy a wide variety of dishes. This site is designed to give you ideas for low-calorie, vegetarian meals that are fast, easy, and delicious. It is just a sampling of the many wonderful options available to cook and/or create from scratch. I hope you find this website inspires you to try some new foods and new ways of preparing old dishes, and perhaps even results in some new creations of your own.

Why Be a Vegetarian?

It's Healthy

It's Good for the Environment

It's Economical

It's Compassionate

How to Be a Vegetarian

Oftentimes, those who are not familiar with the vast variety of vegetarian cuisine assume vegetarians eat mainly salads. Although that is one great option, there are so many great dishes beyond leafy green vegetables. Most dishes that are made with meat can be modified for vegetarians by simply taking the meat out and, if desired, substituting with another protein such as tofu, tempeh, eggs, beans, etc. See the meals pages for many great ideas for creating delicious, nutritious meals.

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